Micro Wedding In Hilliard, Ohio

Aren’t we all fond of high school love stories? I am a big fan. Recently, I got to capture a lovely couple who was an epitome of a young romance that blossomed into a healthy relationship. 

Ana and Marco met in high schoolhttps://www.hilliardschools.org/hdv/, so they practically grew up together. They are two caring and fun-loving individuals who fell deeply in love with each other, and have since then, stayed true to the through-thick-and-thin promise. Their mature outlook on relationships has allowed them to have healthy communication between them. 

While I was in complete awe of this admirable couple, I asked them more about how they like to spend time together. Their replies reflected their loving partnership. They love taking long walks and having cozy movie nights. With a spark in her eyes, Ana told me how she loves when Marco surprises her with anything, big or small. She also expressed her appreciation for Marco never shying away from showering Ana with verbal affection. On the other hand, Marco’s love language tilts toward the physical touch and spending quality time together. 

Seeing these two love birds putting love into words was heartwarming. When they decided to navigate their lives and be together for the ride, they chose the American Ministries to get married at.  

I fell in love with them, and their endless admiration for each other. We said our goodbyes after a heart-warming photo session at https://www.metroparks.net/parks-and-trails/homestead/, but lots and lots of good wishes for Ana and Marco. Hope they always stay madly in love with each other. 

Hilliard Ohio
Hillard Wedding Photographer.
Homestead Park Hilliard Ohio.
Wedding Mini Session Hilliard Ohio
Hilliard Wedding Photographer
Micro Wedding Photographer

Hilliard Ohio
Micro Wedding Hilliard Ohio
Homestead Park Hilliard Ohio
Wedding Photographer Hilliard Ohio
Wedding Photography Hilliard Ohio
Minimal Wedding Hilliard Ohio
Couple Shoot Hilliard Ohio

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