When we arrived to the US we followed our Swedish traditions. That meant getting our tree just a week before Christmas. Here in Columbus Ohio people of course think that’s a bit crazy, but I can assure you that people in Sweden think that it’s us who are crazy.

The first year’s hunt for a Christmas tree was an adventure! We went to every green house and garden center without any luck. All the trees were already gone! It was first when we mentioned it to our American friends that we realized that people here get their trees right after thanksgiving or even before. So now we’ve learned our lesson and get it earlier.

There’s always so much to learn from different cultures and how different they celebrate. I find it particularly interesting in this case as we all celebrate for the same reason; Jesus birth.

We decided to do the Christmas tree hunt a little bit differently this year. Instead of going to the garden center and buy it ready-cut we went to the farm to cut it ourselves. It was such a wonderful experience. It felt magical and special.

We had a great walk and enjoying the beautiful tree farm that was loaded with Christmas trees of all kinds. And while the trip didn’t result in us finding our perfect tree, we had the best time together as a family doing something different and enjoying a trip to the farm.

After a few heated debates with my sweet husband who wanted a large tree and me wanting a smaller tree, I let him choose the tree this year. Despite I had to bite my tongue about it, I must admit that we ended up finding the absolutely perfect tree for our house! The size was perfect. The shape was perfect. And from now on Niklas is in charge of the tree picking!



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