This sweet mom showed up with her precious young twins and delightful older daughter. And they had a beautiful story to share about the intent with their family photography session.

Heather’s husband is deployed for Christmas. So she was taking family images with a Merry Christmas ribbon and her husband would take a similar photo from where he is now.

It was priceless to capture these photos with Heather and her family! As a mother of twins myself I fully understand what a busy season this must be for Heather. And doing it all by yourself while your husband is being deployed is certainly a sacrifice! We are so thankful to them and their service.

The older daughter was remarkably sweet and well behaved. The twins looked just adorable with their cute outfits. At first they were warm and happy in their car seats. Then when it was time to start shooting the pictures it suddenly got really cold for them. But they were troopers! And as you can see in the pictures below, they all gave us some cute smiles during the twins very first Christmas session. 

Family Photographer Marysville Ohio
Family Photographer Marysville Ohio

Being a Family Photographer in Marysville Ohio is always a pleasure and to serve this family was extra special!

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