As an engagement photo photographer in Dublin Ohio, I’m always thrilled when people inquire about taking their pictures. And when this session was done, Valentine’s day wasn’t for another 6 months, but I think you literally can see hearts in the air in these images? This couple who is madly in love and I was in awe of their heart-warming story.

Engagement Photo Photographer Dublin Ohio

The Engagement Photo Story of Muhammad and Bushra

When this beautiful couple was asked about their love story that led to their engagement, Bushra, the gorgeous girl, started narrating it with sparks in her eyes. She began in a sweet way, “We were brought into each other’s lives on August 6th, 2017”. They met on Twitter through mutual friends. According to them, they just followed each other for a couple of weeks without any interaction.

Muhammad then texted Bushra, but she didn’t think of it as ‘something’. However, a few weeks later, she was going through a hard time and didn’t have anybody to confide in. That’s when Muhammad texted again to check up on her. Bushra described this event as “a light entered my life”. She vented her heart out to Muhammad, and he listened with utmost attention.

That’s how both of these amazing people became friends and soon enough, they were each other’s best friend. The most aspiring trait of this couple is that they stood by each other even when things went astray.

Engagement Photo Photographer Dublin Ohio

From Friendship to Relationship

After being friends for a few months, they decided to take their friendship up a notch by turning it into a relationship. Their families met during Christmas break and got along so well. A couple of months later, in February, they got engaged in the presence of their loving families.

Little did Bushra know that Muhammad even had a surprise planned for her. He swept the love of his life off her feet by surprising her with an Aladdin & Jasmine themed proposal. As they both stood in a gazebo at the Goodale park, the song ‘A whole new world’ started playing. There and then, Muhammad got down on one knee and asked the 4-word magic question. Though they were formally engaged already, this man made sure that he treated his queen right.

Engagement Photo Photographer Dublin Ohio

On July 8th, 2018, they had their Nikkah done and enjoyed an amazing party afterward, with friends and family. They decided to work hard and save up for a big Arab wedding. COVID-19 was a bummer for everyone, including this lovely couple. They postponed their big day for everyone’s safety. However, they are confident and excited about the big wedding they are going to have in 2021.

In words of Muhammad and Bushra, “June 12th, 2021 better get ready for us!”

I loved hearing these lovebirds excitedly share their story and future wedding plans with us. We wish them the best of luck for their lives together.

I’d love to hear your romantic love story too! Book us today as your Dublin Ohio photographer for your engagement photos.

Engagement Photo Photographer Dublin Ohio

Engagement Photo Photographer Dublin Ohio

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I’d love to hear your romantic love story too! Book us today for your engagement photos as your photographer in Dublin Ohio.

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