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High school is an exciting time. We all remember our high school days when we studied, played, made friends, laughed, cried, but most of all had fun. Recently, we got a chance to do a photo shoot for a lovely high school senior, Genevieve. She is a determined young lady, who was a delight to photograph and talk to.

All about Genevieve

Genevieve is a senior at Dublin Coffman High School. She is also a member of the Freshmen Mentor Program as she believes in helping the juniors who could use some guidance while navigating through the early years of high school.

She works at Walgreens in Shawnee Hills and also volunteers at the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. Genevieve has always been athletic. She played soccer for twelve years, where she served as a caption on her teams. She also won multiple awards, entered the Olympic Development Program, and was even recruited by a top soccer program.

However, Genevieve decided to not play soccer in college. As in her own words, “I’d rather be at the football game on Saturday with my friends than my own game.” This shows that even though she was fond of playing soccer herself since she did it for more than a decade, she wants to have time to enjoy watching games with her friends, rather than dealing with the stress of playing in a game.

Her hobbies

As for her likes, she loves to travel and stream her favorite shows. She also likes to zone out on TikTok during her free time.

Genevieve’s future plans

The college options Genevieve has in mind are Southern Methodist University in Dallas or Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. She hasn’t yet decided on her major though.


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