Professional Headshots Columbus Ohio

We offer professional headshots and professional portraits all over Columbus Ohio. Whether you prefer to have your portraits taken at your location, at our Dublin Home Studio, in Dublin Downtown or the esteemed Dublin Library, we have you covered. Our dedicated team ensures that you receive a full-service experience, providing on-site studio setup and a seamless proofing process. Join numerous satisfied clients who have chosen us as Ohio's leading photographer for professional headshots and experience the convenience and quality of our on-location services.

Flexible Headshot Options with Transparent Pricing: Choose Your Preferred Setting - Studio or On Location

Professional Headshots - $137

Professional Headshot Columbus Ohio

How We Help You Elevate Your Professional Image

  • Step into our studio and let us capture headshots that bring out your best qualities.
  • With controlled conditions and precise lighting, we create an environment that showcases your professionalism.
  • The plain or neutral background we use ensures that all attention is directed to your face, making you the focal point.
  • Our approach focuses on simplicity and elegance, with minimal props or accessories.
  • By highlighting your facial expressions and features, we ensure that your personality shines through.
  • Opt for neutral or classic clothing to maintain a timeless and professional appearance.
  • Our goal is to capture your face with clarity, emphasizing your unique features.
  • These headshots present you in a professional and polished manner, making them ideal for various professional purposes.
  • Whether it's corporate profiles, resumes, LinkedIn, or acting/modeling portfolios, our headshots will leave a lasting impression.

Our Professional Headshots Packages Include

  • 4 professionally retouched images
  • Full print release
  • If your order is for 4 people or less the photoshoot will be at our Dublin Home Studio 
  • For 5 people or more we can come to your location within a 30 minute radius from Dublin

Pricing of Professional Headshots Columbus Ohio

  • 1 person $137
  • 2 people $127 per person
  • 3 people $117 per person
  • 4 people $107 per person
  • 5 people $97 per person
  • 6+ people, contact me for pricing

Branding Portraits - $247

Professional Headshot Branding Portrait Columbus Ohio

How We Help You Elevate Your Brand

  • Leave the studio behind and embark on a journey into a natural environment for your branding portraits.
  • Carefully chosen backgrounds reflect your brand, trade, or story, adding depth and visual interest to your portraits.
  • We incorporate your props and accessories relevant to your brand or profession, elevating the narrative and showcasing your expertise.
  • Let your clothing choices align with your brand identity, expressing your unique style and personal brand.
  • Branding portraits go beyond mere photographs, aiming to tell a captivating story and visually convey your brand message through composition, props, and positioning.
  • Embrace authenticity and personal expression, allowing your true personality and standout qualities to shine through.
  • These portraits serve as powerful marketing and branding tools, perfect for websites, social media, promotional materials, advertising campaigns, or personal branding efforts.

Our Branding Portrait Packages Include

  • A 30 minute session
  • 20 professionally edited images and 10 extra per additional person
  • Full print release
  • A location within a 30-minute radius from Dublin that suits your brand and us both

Pricing of Branding Portraits

  • 1 person $247
  • 2 people $197 per person
  • 3 people $167 per person
  • 4 people $167 per person
  • 5 people $147 per person
  • 6+ people, contact me for pricing

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