Hey there!

Fluffy the cat, Tiger the cat and I are stepping out from behind the camera for a rare appearance just to say a Thursday hello!

Ever since I started my photography business Fluffy has been helping me out. She loves to ‘support’ my business by inserting herself between my lap and my laptop, particularly when I edit photos. <img decoding=

Except from telling you that I’m a crazy cat lady, my closest friends would tell you that I am an introvert at heart that believes that my work should speak for itself. <img decoding=

Having a big online presence has therefore never really been my thing. But I’ve come to realize that my once very small business now is way larger than a small community of my closest friends – which is how it all started when I turned my passion for photography into my profession.

Often these days my clients are people who I don’t know. Many photographers around the country are also now following my work. So I’ve decided that it’s about time to enter a new era in my business and I will start sharing more about myself. So going forward I’ll be challenging myself to show up more for all of you, so you can get to know the person (and the cats?) behind the camera. 

So stay tuned! I’ll be sharing my photography journey, videos and personal stories here on the blog more regularly.

That’s it for now. Tell me, are you pushing yourself to do something new?




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