Venturing into the realm of capturing timeless love stories as a wedding photographer in Granville, Ohio, I found myself spellbound by the city’s alluring charm. Nothing melts our hearts more than seeing two people madly in love with each other. The way they look at each other, the way their faces shine while talking about their love story, and the way they bond together, it just shows what true love looks like. We recently had the honor to photograph a lovely couple, namely Lucas and Casey. They were absolute sweethearts. We couldn’t get enough of their story. Here’s it goes. 

Wedding Photographer Granville Ohio

How did Casey and Lucas meet?

Casey was hanging out with her friends in Brews 2, which is a bar in Granville Ohio. When the bar was being closed, and they were telling everyone to leave the bar, Lucas came up to Casey and asked for her number. Casey and her friends ended up hanging out with him and his cousin that night. It was then when Casey realized that they both clicked and even shared the same sense of humor. Cute, right?

However, as much as Casey enjoyed Lucas’s company, she didn’t think they were mature enough for a relationship yet. So, she thought to herself that let’s wait and see where life puts us in 5 years. 

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Their story 

Nature works in mysterious ways. 5 years later, she ran into him while walking a friend’s dog.  He was a graduate looking for a job in his field while working as a bartender. Casey was working as a waitress at that time while finishing her bachelor’s degree. He asked her out again, and this time, she didn’t need to think. She agreed, and the rest is history. 

Wedding Photographer Granville Ohio

Their life together 

Casey and Lucas love spending time in nature. They enjoy watching shows and are huge fans of “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”. Whenever they have time off work, they like to sit back and relax. They have three cats, Ella, Lilly, and Willow. The last one is Lucas’s favorite. LOL. These lovebirds are particularly fond of the fall and the spooky stuff. Lucas has a green thumb and a knack for cooking, so that’s one of their activities as well. 

Wedding Photographer Granville Ohio at the Historic Buxton Inn

Both of them have been through life’s ups and downs together. Lucas was by Casey’s side throughout when her stepbrother fought a battle against cancer and lost his life to it. He gave utmost support to her. This is what matters. They are there for each other, be it a happy occasion or a tough time. They help each other be strong and face the challenges life brings. 

Casey and Lucas now

All these years later, Casey is working as a licensed social worker while Lucas works as a senior loan officer. They both just bought their first house together and are ready to make it a home. 

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Wedding photography Granville Ohio
Wedding portrait Granville Ohio
Wedding Photography Granville Ohio
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Wedding Photographer Granville Ohio
Wedding Photographer Granville Ohio
Wedding Photographer Granville Ohio

Hire Me as Your Wedding Photographer in Granville Ohio

Being the wedding photographer at this Granville, Ohio wedding was an absolute joy. Witnessing the enchanting moments between this deeply in love couple truly warmed my heart. If you’re looking to immortalize your own wedding day, I would be honored to be a part of it. Explore more about my wedding photography services by visiting this link.


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