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As a wife, mother of twins and artist, I love how photography and videography gives us the opportunity to eternalize and relive a certain moment of time. Enhancing those special memories and re-experiencing the emotions from key moments throughout life is simply priceless!

I became intrigued by the power photos have in design already in college where I studied Graphic Design. As life evolved and my family had to flee from the town I was born in, I later realized what a precious family memory photos are and I longed to learn in-depth how to take my own family photos that would last for a lifetime. 

My passion for photography then grew even stronger when I had my twins in 2010. So I took a few classes, and many bad baby photos later I started to excel. Step by step I got better and as my experience grew I studied every aspect of what master photographers do and don’t do and all the techniques involved. 

Eventually, one thing led to another and I started getting more requests from other people who wanted photos taken by me. When my kids were in school full time, I knew it was time to make my passion a profession. I still have several other interests and hobbies: drawing, singing, listening to music and cooking, but I never get tired of photography and videography. Even today when it's my profession, I still do it in my spare time.

I continue to do a lot of types of photography, but my absolute favorite is wedding photography. There's just something magic in the air of every wedding day. I love every moment of the journey; from the proposal to the actual wedding day and the minute you see the twinkle in the eye from the bride and groom when they see their wedding photos and video for the very first time. It takes immense planning, preparation, attention to details and energy to pull it off, but the experience is always a true blessing. 

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