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So you have Indian heritage and are getting married? If so, you're in the right place. Growing up in the region, I'm intimately familiar with your customs AND my absolute favorite type of photography is wedding photography. 

Aseel Brodd Indian wedding photographer Columbus Ohio

I love every moment of the wedding journey; the joy of the proposal, the excitement of the henna day and the actual wedding day. However, the most special moment is seeing the twinkle in the eye from the bride and groom when they see their wedding photos for the very first time.

That being said, this rarely happens by coincidence. We take your experience seriously and not for granted. Above all, Aseel Brodd Photography focuses immensely on the details; the planning, the preparation and attention to details and showing up with energy to get you the best experience possible.

While wedding photography isn't necessarily easy, the reality is that it besides my family is one of the most rewarding parts of my life. Every friendship built and eternalized moment captured is a true blessing.

I'm excited for the opportunity to get to know you and for you to learn about my work, so please keep scrolling to learn more about what we do to give you the experience of a lifetime. 


The brides and grooms featured below joyously gave us permission to post their wedding images. But as your Indian wedding photographer, we understand your traditions and that some of our brides and grooms don't want their wedding images published. Whatever your wish, we'll honor it. You can click the pictures below to enlarge them.

Indian wedding photographer Columbus Ohio
Indian wedding photographer Columbus Ohio Embassy Suites
Indian wedding photographer Columbus Ohio Embassy Suites
Indian wedding photographer Columbus Ohio Embassy Suites
Indian wedding photographer Columbus Ohio Venue
Indian wedding photographer Columbus Ohio Henna



At Aseel Brodd Photography we serve the type of couples that want a unique wedding experience. Our style is genuine, classic and timeless photos and this requires more than just a few clicks on a camera. We recognize that every couple is unique and that capturing beautiful, elegant photos is about building trust and a relationship with the bride and groom. This is exactly the experience we create for our wonderful brides and grooms. Therefore, the first step towards booking us is for us both to determine if we're a good fit for each other. After we get to know each other, we'll determine if we're the perfect match and we'll move on to scheduling... 


Awesome!! We've determined that we're the perfect match! Now we must lock in your dates so we can make your dream wedding a reality. To secure the dates, it's time to get a few things formalized. We'll send you a package, you sign off and pay your deposit and with everything bona fide, it's time to get started! 


Let's get the celebrations started! After you've reserved your henna day and wedding date with us, we'll schedule your engagement session. This is the perfect opportunity to help you shake any uneasiness you have in front of the camera. It's an important step for most people as they feel uncomfortable or awkward getting their pictures taken. When we're done you won't just feel like a bridal magazine model, you've eternalized an amazing moment in your wedding journey and if you wish you can now share it with family and friends.


6 weeks before your henna day and wedding day we'll ensure we'll all be fully prepared and ready for your big days. Step by step we'll plan how to get every key shot so we're sure your dream wedding experience come true and you end up with bridal magazine worthy shots that will last a lifetime.


The day has arrived and it's celebration time! You'll be able to enjoy the henna day and wedding day knowing that our team of photographers and videographers are working hard to cover the entire day from beginning to end. These are awesome days also for us as we get to celebrate it with you, your family and friends and be there to capture every memorable moment. You'll enjoy the day wholeheartedly as you'll know that every precious memory will be eternalized and can be relived forever after. 


After your big days, you get an online gallery filled with memories that will last a lifetime. The moment the photos go live is certainly worth cherishing, and a great opportunity to snuggle up in the couch with your spouse and relive the entire wedding day. You'll be able to watch over 1,000 photos and in addition, depending on the package you ordered, either a highlighted or a full coverage video. Right after you'll receive your album design (if you ordered it) and can begin customizing your album.


We're often asked about what locations we serve. While we love destination weddings, the reality is that we're primarily Indian wedding photographers in Columbus Ohio. Most of the Indian weddings we photograph are in Dublin, Powell, Bexley, New Albany and Columbus Downtown. If you have other locations in mind, please contact us today.

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