As I was entering the Proparazzi venue in Columbus Ohio as a Prom Photographer for this beautiful couple, romance was in the air! Do you feel it?

Prom Photographer Columbus Ohio

I certainly did at my recent photoshoot of the lovely couple, Jayden and Taylor. It was more of a spontaneous prom session that we managed to pull off to capture the memories these two lovebirds will cherish forever.

Jayden and Taylor are amazing human beings. Their outstanding quality is the fact that they keep Jesus above everything. From attending Church to reading the Bible, from revising weekly sermon notes to praying, this duo does everything together. They have immense love for their families, and they have an admirable bond with them. I enjoyed getting to know the couple. They have exciting plans for their life ahead. The very handsome Jayden aspires to attain a major in computer science from Ohio Christian University.

Prom Photographer Columbus Ohio

Having an undying desire for basketball, he plans to play as an OCU trailblazer. He even hosted a free youth camp for the kids in his area. Taylor on the other hand is a gorgeous girl who is about to start her senior year at Fisher Catholic. She is currently enrolled in Ohio University Summer Law & Trial Institute. She has dreams of becoming a lawyer.

I’m so excited for this couple to achieve their ambitions while having each other by their side. The location we chose for their photoshoot was Popporazzi. This huge farm has captivating greenery and an amazing vibe.

Prom Photographer Columbus Ohio

We were pretty touched by the story behind this venue. It is owned by a lady called Cynthia. She first moved in here with her husband, who later died after they had two little, adorable sons. Since then, Cynthia has worked hard to keep an income coming, as she wanted her boys to grow up on the family farm, learn about business, and spend quality time as a family. She did that by reusing antiques and selling them as better models.

However, she found herself in a financial crunch in 2016. That forced her to make a very hard decision of selling the farm, but she changed her mind before any sale deal was made. I must say that her determination to keep the family farm is applaudable. She decided to bring her long-time dream to reality by hosting photoshoots and ceremonies on her ideal farm.

We had loads of fun at this photoshoot. The charming couple, scenic venue, incredible host, everything was PERFECT. We want you to experience these sensational things as well. Book us today for your dream photoshoot!

Senior Prom at Propparazzi

She named her new venture “Propporazzi” as she welcomes photographers and aids them to execute their special ideas. But there’s more to it. She offers to rent out props from her vast collection of antiques, furniture, table accessories, etc. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. We found elegant décor items and attractive props from her collection. She is also kind enough to help the photographer locate an item if she doesn’t have it.

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Prom Photographer Columbus Ohio

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