As an engagement photo photographer based in Columbus, Ohio, I absolutely love capturing memorable moments in the heart of the city, and this session was no exception!

Can you see the chain of love between two hearts? Not visibly, but when two people are in love with each other, their eyes tell their love story, their smiles speak for them, and their happiness shows it all. 

We recently got the chance to meet a lovely couple who is madly in love. Let us introduce Rob and Carli to you. 

Engagement Photo Photographer Columbus Ohio

How These Lovebirds Met

Rob and Carli went to the University of Akron. You must be thinking, oh, so another met-at-campus love story? Nope. This is different. Carli started working at the JCC in Akron, and coincidently, it was the same place where Rob worked out and played basketball. 

When Carli started working there, Rob got curious and asked a friend (who was an employee at the JCC) about who Carli was. Rob was interested in Carli getting his number, so he made sure that his friend conveyed his number forward.

Upon getting the number, Carli texted Rob and was asked out on a date by him. Well, the rest is history. These two adorable people keep falling in love deeper every passing day. 

Engagement Photo Photographer Columbus Ohio

Rob and Carli’s Life Together

Just like a very comfortable couple, Rob and Carli love to chill together. What’s better than a movie night with popcorn and red wine? Also, their cat Sassy is what makes them a cute trio. 

They also like to stay healthy, so they enjoy bike rides down the Olentangy trail. Both of them are close to their families and, thus, love spending time with them. One of their favorite things to do together is exploring new restaurants and events in Columbus. This couple is the perfect example of when you truly love someone, everything you do with them becomes fun. 

Rob recently got on one knee to propose to his queen. She, of course, said YES. Now, they are a very happy engaged couple. We were lucky to have photographed their beautiful moments for them. 

We would love to capture your special occasions, so you have pictures to look back on and cherish those lovely memories.

Engagement Photo Photographer Columbus Ohio

Engagement ring

Engagement Photo Photographer Columbus Ohio

Engagement Photographer in Columbus Downtown

Engagement Photo Photographer Columbus Ohio

Engagement Photo Photographer Columbus Ohio

Engagement in Columbus Downtown

Engagement Photo Photographer Columbus Ohio


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