As an experienced wedding photographer serving Powell, Ohio and beyond, I wholeheartedly adore documenting the magic of weddings. It was an absolute pleasure to capture the love story of Ashley and Mike, a truly enchanting couple whose recent wedding filled my heart with joy and beautiful memories.

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Ashley and Mike: The Lovebirds

Ash is a gorgeous, thoughtful, and funny woman who found a soulmate in the loving and handsome Mike. They have been together for over 5 years and have amazing memories to speak for their time as a couple. The first trip they took together was to Florida, where they fell deeper in love with each other. 

Ash’s sister was in awe of how Ash spoke about Mike. He was this funny gentleman who made her laugh, was there for her in all her ups and downs, and supported her throughout. Particularly, after Ash’s hip surgery, Mike stuck by her side and cared for her in an exemplary manner. Their relationship is the embodiment of the fact that “through thick and thin” and “in sickness and in health” doesn’t start with “I do”. In fact, it starts when two people care for each other and love each other despite the odds.

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Family and friends about Ash and Mike

This adored couple took a trip with a group of family and friends to the Dominican Republic a few years back. While Mike ambushed Ash in the pool, pulling her through the water by her feet as she laughed hysterically, one of their friends told Ash’s sister “I really like them together”. To this, her sister’s response was, “I know, me too.” 

This illustrated how Ash and Mike were meant to be. Their families were fond of them as individuals and as a couple too. When asked, Ash’s sister couldn’t pinpoint exactly that one moment when she realized that these two madly in love people will end up together, she did however mention how fond of Mike her husband was. 

Their wedding was filled with good wishes, eye-watering moments, love, and laughter. It is heartwarming to see how two people come together in the blessed bond of matrimony. We wish Ash and Mike the very best for their blissful marriage. We couldn’t be happier to see their eyes sparkling with infinite

Wedding Photographer at the Swan Lake Event Center
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Wedding Photographer Powell Ohio
Wedding Photographer Powell Ohio
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Wedding Photographer Powell Ohio
Wedding Photographer at the Swan Lake Event Center in Powell Ohio
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Hire Me as Your Wedding Photographer in Powell Ohio

As a wedding photographer in Powell, Ohio, capturing the love and joy of this enchanting celebration was an absolute delight. If you’re seeking to immortalize your own wedding day, I would be honored to be your trusted wedding photographer. Discover more about my wedding photography services by visiting this link.


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