When Reese was in college, she was working for a close family friend who happened to need a new place to board her draft horse. Once Reese’s boss moved her horse to the new place, she ended up befriending the person who owned this place.

She talked over and over about how wonderful of a person this man was and wanted to introduce us. Finally, after months and months of talking him up to her, Reese finally went over to ride her boss’s draft and meet the owner, Kasey. When Reese pulled up, her boss, Mary, was running late and Reese ended up talking to Kasey for a couple of hours before Mary finally showed up.

After that, Kasey would host movie nights with Reese, Mary, and his brother with their young daughters. Reese and Kasey grew into close friends although, with such a big age gap and at such different aspects of their lives, both were worried about how the other would fit into each others’ lives. Reese was just shy of 21 years old, studying pre-medicine in college, and studying for the MCAT while trying to finish her bachelor’s degree while Kasey, in his 30s, was established with a great job, owned a home on a beautiful patch of land and had a 6-year-old daughter.

After months of flirting, texting, and hanging out together, Reese was fed up and wanted their relationship to grow closer, hoping Kasey felt the same. She built up the courage to ask Kasey when he was taking her on a date. Kasey didn’t think Reese was interested in anything more but was happy to know she was. Kasey is not a planner and had asked Mary for help with what we could do on our first real date.

Reese, being who she is, ended up indirectly planning the date. Since Reese lived in Columbus on campus at OSU, Kasey decided to pick her up and drive to the North Market. He brought Reese’s favorite flowers, gorgeous purple/blue hydrangeas, and in a pot, no less, as Reese always said she never liked cut flowers as they just wilt and die within a couple of days. After a couple of months of keeping the budding relationship a secret, they finally told their friends and families. They would all tease them about their age difference, but it never stopped them. 

Through Reese graduating college, applying to graduate school, completing graduate school, and so on, Kasey stood by her through it all. Reese fell head over heels in love with Kasey’s daughter and built a strong bond with her very quickly. Reese dreamed of finding a life partner who would share in all the ups and downs and support her as she achieved all her goals in life. Kasey always says he definitely wasn’t looking for love and was content with just him and his daughter but something changed when he met Reese. Their love has grown over the last almost 6 years and has blossomed into something neither of them could have imagined would exist either of them. From family vacations, couples trips, and just quality time spent at home together, Kasey and Reese decided they wanted to spend their lives together.

Kasey asked Reese’s parents and Brooklynn for their blessing to ask me to marry him. With Reese having been out of town almost every other month this past year on clinical rotations, Kasey had a hard time figuring out the best time to ask her to marry him. Finally, on one evening just the two of them at home, Reese was in the kitchen cooking when Kasey turned on his favorite country love songs, got down on one knee, and asked her to spend the rest of their lives together.

Of course, Reese said yes! With so much love for each other, they also found out that they were expecting their first child together. Soon-to-be big sister Brooklynn was the first to find out and was absolutely ecstatic. The wedding was planned very quickly as Reese didn’t want to be too far along that she couldn’t fit into her wedding dress! Their lives together, so far, have been far from perfect but there is no one else in the world either of them could imagine sharing it with.

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