Meet the McMahon adorable family. When Dawn thinks of a big family, she doesn’t think of theirs, but the looks and comments of strangers tell her maybe she is wrong. That and the fact that their Chipotle order is typically packed in a catering box. Having four active daughters makes every day a different adventure and some days absolute chaos, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Dawn and her husband both work outside of the home – he as an operations director and she as a high school teacher and Rodan and Fields business owner. they both love being able to mentor and lead people in their careers, and she so enjoys helping women of all ages feel good in the skin they’re in. Their girls are involved in basketball, gymnastics, and dance and they are all involved with kids’ ministry at their church. They also support their high schoolers in plays, games, shows, and matches all year long. Finding time for anything before Covid19 was difficult, but in recent months they have rediscovered some of their favorite things to do together, and for that, she is so thankful. They love going for walks and bike rides, playing with their dogs, having picnics outside, and competing in all kinds of board and card games. Having four children, three jobs and two dogs might make them crazy, but it also makes them joyful, honored, and so, so thankful.

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