The Bendo family… what a wonderful and amazing family they are! And the photographer inside me loved how they came with happy fall colors that matched so well. They were ready to rock their session!

This family is very active. They enjoy having friends over and are always excited to visit family and go on fun trips. Last year the Bendo family traveled to Sedona, AZ and Nashville, TN where they stayed in Reba McIntire’s old house. Such a fun way to end the summer before the kids school started.

The Bendo’s are also very involved with sports. As if that’s not enough, bike rides are always high on their agenda, especially when going for ice cream in the summer. And we also have another favorite in common – hanging out at the Glacier Ridge Ninja Park!

I will never forget the first time I saw this Glacier Ridge Park addition. I simply showed up for another photoshoot and was shocked when I saw that the whole park had been built, in what appeared to be no time at all. Since then this ninja-warrior-style-playground has really become an attraction for people all over Columbus. The kids love it!

This family photography session was shot at the beautiful Coffman Park in Dublin, Ohio.

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