Children portrait is always so much fun to do. Each child is different and sometimes even twins – that obviously are born at the same time are so different.

Just like I used to have my own battles with getting my own children to pose for a photographer, I feel like a lot of parents are struggling with this. On the other hand, the minute the camera goes away, the kids are… SMILING!!

I have now been photographing children for the past 3 years. The one thing that always worked for me was to use the two words “play time”. Rather than saying “sit down and smile” ?, or do this, or do that, I say let’s play.

The minute we start exploring and playing, children turn into a different person. One that magically almost always have a smile on their lips! And it’s the amazingly fun smile, and not the cheeeeesez one! Which I’m sure you can relate to.

As this happens, the images are filled with motion, you see the kid’s personality pop out and all the fun begin. This is where I get the most beautiful authentic images of children in a very young age. Give time to your children to find their happy moment and once you do that we will see smiles we haven’t even thought we’d see. 

I strongly believe that we shouldn’t shoot what it looks like, but rather shoot what it feels like!

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