A family photoshoot is a big responsibility for any photographer and if not dealt with appropriately it can lead to a lot of stress. However, for photographers who learn the tricks and plan the sessions well, family photoshoots are always a real delight!

I have therefore put together a list of 3 tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your next family photography session.

  1. The Treasure. Children always get excited when they get something after the shoot is done. If they know that there’s a reward after the photoshoot they get excited and happy. I therefore help my customers with this and have created a little treasure box with simple things. I used to give away candy and treats, but now I instead hand out some “dollars finds” from Amazon.  
  2. The Outfit Plan. Photography is an art and the difference between good photos and stunning photos is not always a matter of getting the perfect light, scenery or an expensive camera, but rather the color composition in the photo. Whenever a family wear a coordinated color palette it always brings the photos to the next level. I therefore always recommend my customers to plan their outfits ahead of time.  
  3. The Communication. Most families are not used to and even feel a little bit awkward about posing for professional photos. Consequently, if you want natural looking family photos, there needs to be enough time and attention towards making everyone feel comfortable. I normally solve this by trying to play and talk with the kids as much as I can. With the adults, I make sure we have normal conversations throughout the photo shoot. It’s simply a matter of getting to know each other and when we talk about things we like, such as hobbies, traveling and holidays, we get more relaxed and the poses change, and everyone starts acting very natural.

You can learn more about my family photography sessions or book a session -> HERE.

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