This day started with so much ease. Faisal and Needa’s family and friends were incredibly sweet and a total DELIGHT to be around!

They were all very inclusive and encouraging, and I honestly felt so undeserving to receive so many compliments from them throughout the day. It’s no wonder they are all such great friends and close family members!

Throughout the day, friends mentioned in their speeches that Faisal and Needa really show their love for their parents and how fun and creative people they both are.

Being a parent myself, this inspires me! What a legacy to have children who love and respect you and your marriage so much that it’s a common topic brought up on their wedding day!  

And of course if you are ever in a Pakistani wedding, you have to make time and eat their delicious food. I was so busy that night trying to get all the shots we need so I didn’t had the chance to get a taste, but the food smelled amazing. And you are constantly invited to join them. They are the most generous people I have seen. 

This wedding may have been in the last weekend of December but it was a beautiful 55 degrees!

We were working in high-speed mode after the speeches to get everything accomplished but you would never know it in their portraits! Faisal and Needa were posing like professional models. They are such a joy to work with and it saddens me that my time with them is over!

This wedding post is the LAST ONE of 2019 and I couldn’t think of a more perfect couple to end with than these two. Faisal and Needa, You are wonderful! Your day was a dream and it was such a privilege to be the ones there to capture it!!  Thank you for picking me to be there!!

Faisal and Needa chose to have their more intimate pictures private, but please enjoy these visual detailed shots of their wonderful wedding day!!!


Venue: Bridgewater Banquet & Conference Center

Wedding Planner / Coordinator: SQ Occasions

Aseel Brodd Photography: Pakistani & Indian wedding photographer Columbus Ohio

Hair stylist: Make Up & Hair by Fatima Khan

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