Kids are a precious blessing from God to us. They are innocent, easily fascinated, and sensitive. I love working with little children. Their smiles warm our hearts and laughter leaves me in awe of their cuteness.
I recently had the opportunity to have a photoshoot with an adorable girl, Janae Boone.

She lives with her mom, dad, older sister, and boxer dog, Oakley/ her brother. She is a student of Eli Pinney Elementary and has just finished her 4th grade with flying color straight A’s to be specific. Janae was such a delight to talk to. She enlightened me about her hobbies that include making YouTube videos and longboarding with her friends. She also enjoys playing Roblox.

This confident girl told me, “My favorite Roblox YouTuber says ‘HELLO LEGENDARY HUMANS!!’ because she wants others to know that we all are legendary humans no matter
what.” I was impressed by the thinking of this girl.
This girl has accomplished so much in just a small age. She had the privilege of becoming the
“2020 Miss Ohio National American Miss Jr. Pre-teen Queen.” She was the “2019 Little Miss
Ohio – Miss American Girl Queen” too. She might be young, but her ideas are vast. She is
vocal about the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and Special Olympics. Wow, right?

During the photoshoot, she shared some of her best memories of her school from the prepandemic times. She remembered the basketball sessions with her friends as they played on
the DYA comets team last winter. She was very glad that the girls always outperformed the boys. Her exact words were, “The boys never beat us once. We were really good and played well together.” It was so refreshing to see a little missy being so proud of girl power.

Janae further mentioned that she helped the owner of the T-shirt bean, who was also her teacher. She took part in displaying positive statement signs around the school. She believes that such signs help students in practicing kindness and comprehensiveness According to Janae, the students of Eli Pinney Elementary take care of themselves and others. They are also taught to look out for the school and care for it. Janae not only
enjoyed putting up these messages of encouragement but also loved seeing them around. Recalling the last big assembly as a school community, she said that she had the honor to meet, and introduce Jewel Parker Rhodes, Author of Black Brother, Black Brother to other students. She enjoyed seeing the author’s newest books.

Janae is a responsible young girl who realizes the importance of staying home during this
pandemic. However, she is also grateful for virtual classes. She misses her school friends and teachers, though. This bright star looks forward to meeting them as soon as schools reopen again.

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